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Windows Evaluation Downloads

Evaluation package for 32 & 64bit Windows is now available on the Downloads page.

The evaluations are “plain vanilla” compiles – no compiler options used at all, and should link and run on all standard windows x86 and x64 targets.

Included in the evaluation package are static libraries and base and wrap dlls for win32 and win64. Libraries are also included for a direct work-alike with CISAM.

Should your requirements need a custom configuration to evaluate, please let us know by email.

Coming in 2015

We will be introducing a Free DISAM Developer License early in 2015.

The license will expire each 120 days but can be easily renewed by simply doing another request for a link to download a refreshed package.

The free license is intended to make evaluation, development and testing easier but is not to be used for the distribution of any DISAM’d product.

A commercial license will be required for any distribution, whether free or for profit.
The commercial license will include complete DISAM source while the free evaluation/developer license will only include the DISAM library, tool binaries  and required header files.


Welcome to Byte Designs and DISAM. DISAM is a very efficient file handler using the Indexed Sequential Access Method to provide fast and direct data access.

DISAM is suitable for new development as well as to access Legacy  data that may have been created using CISAM / C-ISAM by Informix.